Sue Grimwade – “It has made such a difference – I’m feeling so much better”

A housekeeper who was forced to give up her job after experiencing severe symptoms from Crohn’s disease is looking forward to getting back to work following a resection operation which she credits with making a real difference to her quality of life.

Sue Grimwade first experienced stomach problems in January 2017 when she began suffering severe pains, started being sick regularly and found herself running to the toilet six or seven times a day. She was initially diagnosed with a virus, but asked her GP to refer her to Colchester Hospital for tests when she didn’t feel any better two months’ later.

Sue was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in July after having colonoscopy and endoscopy examinations. She then transferred into the care of consultant surgeon Miss Sharmila Gupta, who recommended a resection operation to remove part of her large bowel. The surgery took place in January 2018 and – two months on – Sue was already feeling much, much better.

“The operation has made such a difference, and although I’m still recovering I’m feeling so much better than I did before the surgery,” said the 58-year-old, who lives in Colchester. “The symptoms have eased a lot and the pains are much, much better. I don’t need the loo as often, and although I still need to be careful with my diet and avoid things like eggs, I hope that will continue to improve with time.

“I was in hospital for seven days. I was lucky as I had enough healthy intestine for my surgeon to stitch together, so didn’t need a stoma. I received some really good care, especially from Miss Gupta who was really lovely.

“I’m still recovering but hope to be able to get back to my job as a housekeeper later this year. I can’t do a lot of walking yet – I need to build up gradually and make sure I don’t try and do too much too soon. I’m hoping I won’t need any more treatment, but know that I will need to work with doctors at the hospital to keep an eye on my Crohn’s so that we can keep it under control.

“I would urge anyone else who has recently been diagnosed to listen to their specialist. Take their advice and do what they tell you – they know what is best for your recovery and can help you to feel better and get back on your feet more quickly.”