Jane P Bradley Hendricks

Laparoscopic Advanced Nurse Practitioner (SCP)

Jane completed her nursing training in Dublin in 1984. She started work at Colchester Hospital in 1989 in theatres and was a theatre sister before joining the Department of Surgery as a Surgical Care Practitioner. She did her BSc at Essex University followed by a MSc. She is also a nurse prescriber. Jane works as an integral part of the surgical team, assisting in theatre, as well as seeing patients in clinic and providing continuity of care. Jane introduced the Enhanced Recovery Programme to Colchester Hospital in 2005 and is the Clinical Lead for this. She has expertise in the management of complex abdominal wounds. Jane is involved in teaching nationally, and for many years was the chair of the Association of Laparoscopic Theatre Staff. She assists in many different aspects of research with the multi-disciplinary team. Outside of work, her interests are walking, trekking and climbing, as well as being a regular at the gym. She also enjoys reading and travelling.