Colchester IBD Academic Meeting

2 October 18

The IBD teams from Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals came together on 20th September for an education evening about inflammatory bowel disease. The guest speaker was Dr Miles Parkes, Consultant Gastroenterologist from Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, who is an expert in the genetics of IBD, and gave a talk on optimising the treatment of IBD. He also spoke about PROFILE – an exciting new trial looking at different treatments for Crohn’s disease. We also heard from the research team about other studies open to patients with IBD, and from dietician Morgan Series on the KLC Crohn’s nutrition trial.

Consultant gastroenterologists, Dr Ian Gooding and Dr Daniel Gavin spoke about recently published studies as well as the use of vedolizumab. Rebecca Clodfelter and Hannah Carrol from Health in Mind discussed the psychological support available to patients who can either self-refer online or be referred by their IBD team. Miss Sharmila Gupta, Consultant Surgeon presented data on patient outcomes following surgery as well as quality of life.

Patient representatives from CCUK North Essex were present and spoke about their group and role in patient support.

Dr Miles Parkes at the IBD meeting

Dr Daniel Gavin speaking at the IBD meeting